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Run Chase

Your chance to be a One-Day Cricket Coach. The simulation of one day cricket strategy and tactics.


Run Chase is a simulation of One-Day cricket. You are the coach of a One-Day Cricket side, taking your team through the league season.

In Run Chase we try to make the game work the same way as in real life, with realistic decisions to be made about team management and on-field captaincy. The choices you make are the same as you’d have to make in real life. Sometimes you’ll have to make tough decisions, whether to sign better players or invest your finances to improve future income.

In addition to the management decisions about signing and releasing players you’ve also got to shuffle your lineup from game to game. You’ve pitch and weather conditions to contend with, as well as players losing form. You have to decide when to use your bowlers, and set scoring targets for your batsmen.

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For more information please contact: Danny McConnell

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