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Play On - Aussie Rules Footie

"Play On" is a game for footy fans. You are an AFL Coach. You sign real-life AFL stars, select them for your team and their performances each week determine your success.

For more information about Play On, how to play and how to join, click on the links below. Many of these links use PDF files, for which you need Adobe Reader. This can be downloaded for free by clicking on the link to the left.


Getting Started
Welcome to Play On All you need to know about Play On, and how to join.
Player Price Guide (PDF Download) Average prices of players according to the current Play On coaches. You may disagree!
Play On - Basic (PDF Download) Basic rules for our stats-based Australian Rules football game.
Play On - Strategy (PDF Download) Hints & Tips - essential reading for new coaches in Play On.
Play On - Advanced (PDF Download) Stuff we think you can skip at the start but might want to know once you get stuck in.
Play On - Setup (PDF Download) Rules for new leagues setting up from scratch in Play On.
Useful Links
AFL Australian Football League website
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