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Rules and Newsletters

This page contains any downloads of rulebooks, rules updates and so forth for our various games. These are sent to players as standard on joining games, or to existing players when they are issued, but we have also posted them here so that players who play by email can simply download them themselves. All of these files are Adobe PDF format - click on the link shown if you need to download Adobe Reader (it's free).

To download each file simply right click on the link and select the "Save As" option.

Gameplan - Basic Version 2.15 Rulebook - Basic Guide PDF
Gameplan - Rosters Version 2.15 Rulebook - Rosters Guide PDF
Gameplan - Playbook Version 2.15 Rulebook - Playbook PDF
Gameplan - Advanced Version 2.15 Rulebook - Advanced PDF
Gameplan Version 2.17 Update issue 3 (4th November 2005) PDF
Gameplan (College Rules) College Supplement (12th July 2020) PDF
Gameplan Baseball
Gameplan Baseball

Version 4.2 Rulebook (26th June 2005)

Gameplan Baseball Version 4.2 Update (26th June 2005) PDF
Gameplan Baseball Version 4.4 Update (10th January 2010) PDF
Gameplan Baseball Version 5.0 Update (2024 rules) Webpage
Gridiron Stats
Gridiron Stats Version 5.0 Rulebook (April 2020) PDF
Gridiron Stats Gridstats Retro (April 2020) Webpage
Hoopplan Advanced Version 2.1 Rulebook PDF
Hoopplan Advanced Version 3.0 Update (2024 rules) Webpage
Raceplan (F1 Motor Racing)
Raceplan Advanced Version 2.0 Rulebook PDF
Raceplan Version 2.1/2.3 Update ( 26th May 2005)
Play On (Aussie Rules Football)
Play On - Basic Rulebook (Basic rules) PDF
Play On - Strategy Rulebook (Hints & Tips - essential reading for new coaches in Play On) PDF
Play On - Advanced Rulebook (Stuff we think you can skip at the start but might want to know once you get stuck in) PDF
Play On - Setup Rulebook (Rules for new leagues setting up from scratch in Play On)
Run Chase
Run Chase Rulebook PDF
Slapshot (NHL Ice Hockey)
Slapshot Version 2.0 Rulebook PDF
Slapshot Version 3.0 Update (2024 rules) Webpage
Soccer Stats
Soccer Stats Version 3.2 Rulebook PDF
Australian Empires

Link to Sidetracks website

Dark Age

Link to Sidetracks website


Link to Sidetracks website

European Empires

Link to Sidetracks website

Play On

Link to Sidetracks website

Star Chase

Link to Sidetracks website

General Information
House Rules General House Rules for Ab Initio Games PDF
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