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Most of our games have deadlines either one week or two weeks apart. All our current one-week games use the short deadlines because they're sports simulations that use real life stats (and real life sports produce stats every week, so our games run every week).

The rest of our games use two-week deadlines because we've found that's what most of our players want. If you're new to play-by-mail games it might be surprising, but more experienced players usually like longer deadlines. This is because they prefer to spend time thinking through their options for a while before they decide what to do. 

Another advantage of two-week deadlines is that with two weekends between each deadline the schedule fits around anything else you might be doing. If you haven't time for your turn one weekend then you can leave it to the next. Even so, many players like to have a turn every week, even with two-week deadlines, so the most popular solution is to play two different games with the deadlines in "opposite" weeks.


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