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Welcome to PBM Sports

Ab Initio Games and Software Simulations are UK based companies dedicated to the worldwide development and running of play-by-mail (PBM) and play-by-email games.

We've been in the business for over fifteen years, in that time we have run well over 250,000 player game turns. The names behind the companies are Danny McConnell (Ab Initio Games) and Peter Calcraft (Software Simulations).

Play-By-Mail games are a very exciting way of playing games. They are normally much more detailed than computer or board games and offer a much greater challenge. The advantages are numerous: availability of opponents (you are usually competing against a dozen or more opponents throughout the world or the country), impartial umpiring and the complexity of the games you can play. Click here for more details of play by mail.

We run a wide variety of tactical sports games, interactive stats-based league games (playing head to head against other teams within your league) and a variety of tactical and strategic diplomatic games, wargames, sci-fi games and business games.

For sports fans American Football is covered by two different games: Gameplan and Gridiron Stats. Gameplan Baseball and Slapshot cater for Baseball and Ice Hockey fans, Basketball fans can consider Hoopplan or Slamdunk. For Aussie Rules fans we can offer Play On.

For Formula One Motor Racing fans we run the game Raceplan, Run Chase for Cricket fans, whilst Rugby fans can try Rugby Union Stats or Rugby League Stats, as well as a new game, designed specifically for internet play, Rugby League Breakout. For football (soccer) fans we run the games Soccer Stats and Soccer Strategy

For sci-fi fans we run the games Spaceplan and Star Chase. Fans of strategic player-interaction games ("diplomacy type games") can play the games Empires, Australian Empires, Dark Age, and Barbarians at the Gate. For business fans we run the game Speculate II.

Our games now have emailed game reports as a standard option, and most of our games to allow you to submit orders online via a dedicated website. Many games already have this option available and we're adding other games all the time. Click here for more details of play by email.

We welcome players from outside the U.K. Click here for more details for overseas players.

For more information please contact: Danny McConnell, 49 Westpoint, Shortlands Grove, Bromley, Kent, BR2 0ND, United Kingdom. Email: danny@pbmsports.com

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